The 4th Anal Coldest Hash of the Year

Sloppy Stool and Mr Pink, in semi-association with lots and lots of fantastic Moravian beer and wine, hereby proudly announce the details of the 4th Anal Coldest Hash of the Year!


Where: Znojmo, Czech Republic - Znojmo is a walled town in the winemaking region of South Moravia, Czech Republic. It’s known for its Romanesque Rotunda of Our Lady and St. Catherine, with frescoes featuring the town’s former rulers, and the hilltop Znojmo Castle. Cow Hill has views of the Gothic Town Hall Tower and St. Nicholas Church, home to a baroque globe-shaped pulpit. Znojmo Catacombs is a vast labyrinth of medieval subterranean corridors.

The town is situated on a rock outcropping on the steep left bank of the Thaya (Dyje) River, about 55 km (34 mi) southwest of the regional capital Brno. Located near the border with Austria, it is connected to Vienna by railway and road (about 80 minutes)

Znojmo is well known for its wine festival, that takes place every September, so of course we're visiting in January because we're Hashers. The main attraction of the festival we wont be attending is a historical parade celebrating the coming of King John of Bohemia.


When: Friday January 24th to Sunday January 26th 2020


What: This will be a PAY AS YOU GO WEEKEND. With that in mind, we have scoured the town and found a fantastic hotel that are keeping their rooms free for our group until the end of December* - all you have to do is contact them and let them know that Sloppy Stool (nerd name of Damien for those who do not know) has recommended them, and unless all the other Hashers beat you to it you're guaranteed a room! 

*Maybe don't actually mention the bit about them keeping the rooms free for us though as I may have forgotten to tell them they are doing that - As of this precise moment when I am writing this though the whole hotel is free for us to book at very reasonable rates!

Anyway, the website of the hotel can be found here, so hurry up and book a room before someone else does!

Check in at the hotel will begin in the afternoon of January 24th and will continue until 7pm - after that you will need to locate the pack in a nearby pub - although details of which pub will be posted as soon as we have them!

There will be a group dinner followed by the traditional pub crawl challenge to see if anyone can outdrink Sloppy Stool on Friday night!

Saturday January 25th will be the day of the main trail, which will be set be Sloppy Stool. Trail details are of course a little sketchy at the moment, but the usual promises of completely boring, flat, and short trail can be guaranteed. It's not as though there are any hills or anything remotely shiggy worthy nearby, and Moravia is renowned for it's glorious weather in January so there is absolutely no need to bring warm clothing.

There will also be a group dinner on Saturday night - We will do our utmost to arrange a private party venue for after dinner, and will confirm details of the evening plans as soon as we have them.

Sunday January 26th will have the traditional Hangover trail, which might incorporate a Beer Mile if there is somewhere suitable for such shenanigans.

Cost: The total cost for this weekend will be whatever you spend because it's Pay As You Go!


Other info: Will be posted as and when I have it!

Registration: We do need to know how many are cumming so we can ensure we have a suitable number of seats for butts at various places, so please click this link here to register!


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