V4+1 - October 4th - 6th 2019

Sloppy Stool, in semi-association with the Warsaw H3, hereby proudly announces the details of V4 + 1 2019!


Where: Bechyně, Czech Republic - Bechyně, is a small town in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. Also known as Bechin or Beching in German, it is located on the Lužnice River 20 km southwest of Tábor, and has a population of 5,695 (2005).

The town is the terminus of the railway line from Tabor. This was built in 1903 and was the first electrified railway in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The original passenger train is preserved and operates several times each summer.

A 13th century castle was built in Bechyně, although almost none of that original structure remains today. A reconstruction in the late 16th century and subsequent renovation in the 1670s resulted in the structure that stands there today.


When: Friday October 4th to Sunday October 6th 2019


What: We have arranged two private cottages which can sleep a total of 25 people in a combination of double, triple, and quad rooms. Rooms will be assigned on a first come, first claimed basis, but obviously priority will be given to those with families or people who have a specific need for private shenanigans at night!

Check in at the cottages will begin at 3pm on October 4th, and will continue until 7pm - after that you will need to locate the pack in town, although as this is only a few hundred metres away it shouldn't be difficult!

There will be a group dinner followed by the traditional V4+1 pub crawl challenge on Friday night!

Saturday October 5th will be the day of the main trail, which will be set be Sloppy Stool. Trail details are of course a little sketchy at the moment, but the usual promises of completely boring, flat, and short trail can be guaranteed.

There will also be a group dinner on Saturday night - I will do my utmost to arrange a private party venue for after dinner, and will confirm details of this as soon as I have them, but the size of the town limits options for this.

Hangover trail on Sunday will include some places of Dubious Historical Hash Interest, so is a trail not to be missed!

Cost: The total cost for this weekend will be 100 Euros, or 2500czk. This price covers;


#Accommodation in the cottages 

#All the beer and wine you can drink
#Dinner Friday, breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday

#Two fantastic trails set by the Sloppiest of Stools

#The obligatory hash T-shirt

#Some other goodies of an as yet to be determined nature

Please note a couple of things: The accommodation is limited to 25 people - should there be more than 25 people coming, those that cannot fit into the cottages will need to find their own place - in this case you will get a reduced rate!

Other info: Will be posted as and when I have it!

Registration: Click this link here to register!



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