About Very Sloppy Hash Events

About Me

For those that have no idea what they're doing here, let me take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Sloppy Stool, and I was GM of the Prague Hash 2012 or thereabouts until the start of 2019. In recent years I've started to branch out and host events in and around Prague, the Czech Republic, and neighbouring countries, with the long term goal of hosting Euro Hash in Prague in 2021.

This page is going to be the place to come to find out about events, register for events, and basically keep an eye on whatever shenanigans I get up to in years to come.

All my events will start with the 'A Very Sloppy' moniker. This is to differentiate them from official Prague Hash events - I may have been the GM there, but events posted here are all my doing and my doing alone - just to avoid any confusion!

Yep, really me!

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